Help a little girl in her dream, collect the shells she loves, in a sea that is progressively becoming more and more dangerous and polluted with real environmental issues

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New excitting experiments coming soon!

“OK, 2 months after launch, were we are, and what we are doing:
Well, first of all, we are resting a little, and we are collecting data.
The game needs work for sure,
and the data we are collecting will let us know what to work on next,
where exactly to improve,
what works and what doesn’t!
We are on it, little slowly,
but we know,
with work and listening to our players,
we’ll find the correct recipe,
we will make our unique approach work:
to bring serious world issues in the mobile game space.
Keep checking up on our updates,
excitting experiments are on the way for

Launch Party this Saturday at 8:00pm

We are getting ready with our uniforms to see you!

Launch Party at De Ton Ton Club Amstedam


Dear all,

We are SO happy to let you know that our official Launch Party is November 30th at 8:00PM at De Ton Ton Club Amsterdam. You all are welcome. Free Arcade games (and hopefully beer) to whomever shows up!


We are not far from launching!

A very rare Oarfish washed ashore a week ago. The first thing I thought was that seeing this mythical creature is something that most of us will not experience in a life nor anyone else I suppose. However, this week another oarfish washed ashore not too far from where the first one was discovered!

A painting depicting the mythical creature

A painting depicting the mythical creature

I have been reading about it and found out that it could be happening due to seismic issues (as they live miles below surface-hence the rarity of it’s encounters)


Anyways, I am digressing, my point is that something unique is happening. We don’t know how or why, but it is happening.


Another super rare thing that is happening this week is that we were unable to finish on time due to red tape and bureaucratic problems (not very uncommon in this part of the world). But SaveTheSeasGame is looking better and BETTER.


We can’t wait to show you what Save The Seas Game is all about. In the meantime check out our latest video.

7 days until we launch on Google Play

We are super excited

We are super excited

SaveTheSeas Game has taken a toll on me


Save the seas has taken a huge toll on me. Don’t get me wrong, making a game has being one of the best blessings in my life. I love what I do and I do what I love.

However, my part in SaveTheseas game is to find statistics, problems, shark finning, overfishing, pollution, whatever I can find about the oceans.

I am not sure what it is, but seeing what we are doing to our seas, has made me upset, angry, depressed sometimes hopeless.

I am also blessed because I am one of the few who has seen whales in the wild…and I have free dived with them.

That day one of the best and (most memorable) memories that will stay with me is not the first kiss, nor achieving something I wanted, but looking at a whale’s eye. When I saw him (the bull) I knew I was seeing someone looking at me and acknowledging me. Seeing me, responding. I saw a life I saw someone. Not just a fish, not just a mammal. I saw a soul.

This is why now it brings me to tears to see what we do, maybe because for the first time in my life I am aware of what we do.

You see, the problem is that we are NOT aware. We are IGNORANT, of the problem. Heck, if we knew half the problem (like overfishing Tuna) I bet we wouldn’t let this happen. We are killing our oceans for a piece of paper AKA “money”.

Eating all our oceans, killing everything, destroying everything. I hope that one day everyone, in order to finish their high school diploma, has to finish a SCUBA diving course. Why? Well, if the oceans die…we die. Its simple. Better than Math, better than History, better than Chemistry.

All we do now at Save The Seas Game is trying to make players THINK of a problem and be AWARE of a problem. Yes, it is just a game (an amazing game might I add). 

No matter what, all video gamers are problem solvers. Maybe, just maybe, the little we do can make a difference. I do not know. Yet its better to try than just think about it.

 So I invite you to try savetheseasgame try to play it and think of the big problem. If you don’t play video games fine, at least go to an aquarium, look at a fish and see how their eyes follow you, how their is intelligence in them. And for once in your life, be aware that what we are doing as humankind is wrong.


You can make a difference!


Why we did Save The Seas Game

We started developing Save the Seas as an artistic expression of a real world problem (the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico), designed  to create awareness of environmental problems through gameplay.  The game has been in development for several months and we are now in full production, having finished pre production (we have nailed down the art style and the gameplay).

Our full plan aims to eventually engulf more than just bringing in awareness to gamers of mobile games: later on we hope to associate our little games with large environmental activism organizations, funneling funds to them through our environmentally themed games, thus making mobile games players true activists.

How we made the fish

So, the fish was a challenge. How do you make fish have expressions? Making a character from imagination is hard enough, making a character from real world is a challenge! Hilary fish Units_ID_4

Omar as SharkDifferent expression

Progression of the game as it happened

Trying the layout firstSave The Seas progressionInserting the IslandsExperimenting (a thousand times)Thought we had it thenExperimenting (a thousand times) Starting to look like a game (slowly)Hand Drawn sketches SaveTheSeas Day



Sofia Welcomes you!