We are not far from launching!

by savetheseasgame

A very rare Oarfish washed ashore a week ago. The first thing I thought was that seeing this mythical creature is something that most of us will not experience in a life nor anyone else I suppose. However, this week another oarfish washed ashore not too far from where the first one was discovered!

A painting depicting the mythical creature

A painting depicting the mythical creature

I have been reading about it and found out that it could be happening due to seismic issues (as they live miles below surface-hence the rarity of it’s encounters)


Anyways, I am digressing, my point is that something unique is happening. We don’t know how or why, but it is happening.


Another super rare thing that is happening this week is that we were unable to finish on time due to red tape and bureaucratic problems (not very uncommon in this part of the world). But SaveTheSeasGame is looking better and BETTER.


We can’t wait to show you what Save The Seas Game is all about. In the meantime check out our latest video.