SaveTheSeas Game has taken a toll on me

by savetheseasgame


Save the seas has taken a huge toll on me. Don’t get me wrong, making a game has being one of the best blessings in my life. I love what I do and I do what I love.

However, my part in SaveTheseas game is to find statistics, problems, shark finning, overfishing, pollution, whatever I can find about the oceans.

I am not sure what it is, but seeing what we are doing to our seas, has made me upset, angry, depressed sometimes hopeless.

I am also blessed because I am one of the few who has seen whales in the wild…and I have free dived with them.

That day one of the best and (most memorable) memories that will stay with me is not the first kiss, nor achieving something I wanted, but looking at a whale’s eye. When I saw him (the bull) I knew I was seeing someone looking at me and acknowledging me. Seeing me, responding. I saw a life I saw someone. Not just a fish, not just a mammal. I saw a soul.

This is why now it brings me to tears to see what we do, maybe because for the first time in my life I am aware of what we do.

You see, the problem is that we are NOT aware. We are IGNORANT, of the problem. Heck, if we knew half the problem (like overfishing Tuna) I bet we wouldn’t let this happen. We are killing our oceans for a piece of paper AKA “money”.

Eating all our oceans, killing everything, destroying everything. I hope that one day everyone, in order to finish their high school diploma, has to finish a SCUBA diving course. Why? Well, if the oceans die…we die. Its simple. Better than Math, better than History, better than Chemistry.

All we do now at Save The Seas Game is trying to make players THINK of a problem and be AWARE of a problem. Yes, it is just a game (an amazing game might I add). 

No matter what, all video gamers are problem solvers. Maybe, just maybe, the little we do can make a difference. I do not know. Yet its better to try than just think about it.

 So I invite you to try savetheseasgame try to play it and think of the big problem. If you don’t play video games fine, at least go to an aquarium, look at a fish and see how their eyes follow you, how their is intelligence in them. And for once in your life, be aware that what we are doing as humankind is wrong.


You can make a difference!