Why we did Save The Seas Game

by savetheseasgame

We started with a dream and a very small concept:

Picture4 Picture3 Picture2 Picture 1

In this mock up (made by hand with post-its and some glue) we created the idea of Save The Seas. We then concluded that this could be a viable product that could work as we were both passionate and devoted so , we decided to create a couple of mock ups in bits that could work with the concept we had. In the preproduction below, we had a mp3 song that looped. Also the boats will chase the fish in an RPG type of game (didn’t work, but we worked on it for months on end):

The next step we took was to create better mechanics and AI of the boats chasing the fish. (Please note the transition from the previous fish to the new “fish” also how the water, the fish, the islands, all matured in synchronicity, like it was having a live on its own) all it needed was to keep on working:

We kept experimenting…..for months….

Until we got to a point where we saw a trend and a playable version of the game that created a reaction and entertainment at the same (a very difficult thing to balance in a good game!). At this point, we were able to contact Ruben, our graphic designer, who is willing to help for a small amount of money (compared to his amazing work). As well as Silje, an Art Director in one of the best Media companies in the Netherlands. To produce the game as it shows below: